My Take on Video Production Equipment Obsession

by Mario

Gear obsession is sooo true!

Gear obsession is sooo true!

I want to say something about video production equipment obsession because I think it’s SO TRUE. I mean look at what’s really happening in this world.

Notice what's going on in the world of videography or shooting videos. (I think this is also true in photography. Although it's a different field, it has a similar story.)

Offline and online, I see guys who are exactly what this post about gear obsession describes.

Offline, many who are inclined to video production and film making are talking so much about what cameras they use, what lenses they use, what editing software they use, etc. Shooters are asking other video shooters about what they use, what's in their camera bags. They tend to get preoccupied with gear. I believe gear is important, but not that important as others think it is.

Online, you can read so much about video gear. There's so much talk about the "tools". I think the internet, when it comes to video production and film making, are full of gear reviews. I think those reviews tend to encourage newbies and amateurs to buy gear that they don’t really need yet (considering their present situations.)

So many suffer from "Gear Acquisition Syndrome"!

And very few websites talk about the act or video-making process itself.

For me, interest in video equipment is okay, especially if you’re considering carefully what you really need and your budget. But obsession with it, especially if you’re driven by envy of other shooter’s gear? Not okay! That’s being materialistic.

So, this craziness has to stop if you’re really serious about (and want to focus more on) making a good video presentation. I think newbies and amateurs of video production and film making should pay more attention on creating good stories if they want to shoot and edit videos.

And they should really ask themselves the hard question, “WHY?”, if they are lusting after gear, especially those expensive ones.

Again, this is just my take on "obsession with video equipment". Others may think differently, especially the "gear fanatics", the equipment "brand loyalists", and the "toy collectors". But that’s fine with me.

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Dec 08, 2014
Great Observation!
by: Alvin


I must say you have eyes that don't just look, but really see! ;-)

And I agree with you that this obsession with "tools" is also common in other fields, such as photography.

It's interesting that, nowadays, some photographers who use DSLR cameras with video mode have become interested in shooting videos, as well. And the tendency is, if they're photography gear-obsessed, they’re videography gear-obsessed, too.

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