Video Production Software:
Tips to See the Best for You

By Alvin Motilla

A video production software you feel “at ease” to work with is a great partner.


  • How do you recognize and choose “The One” for you?

  • How do you know what’s best for you?
Do you already have 'THE ONE'?

I’m not giving you a list of what they call, "the best” in the market. Why? Because there are…

Problems with “the best”

First, there’s…

Plenty of them

Because software developers tend to claim, that their product is “The Best”--which is only natural. And brand fanatics believe that what they have, or use, is “The Best” also.

So many versions of “The Best”, huh!

So the question, “What is the best video production software?”… That is subject to a lot debate.

The thing is…

What’s best for others, may not be the best for you, your situation, and your needs.

Passive approach

Another problem is that, having a list of, “the best video production software” from someone else, can invite you to, “blindly” base your choice on it.

So, I don’t want to “spoon feed” you, by giving you only a list of the best--usually “popular”--brands in the market. I hope you won’t be passive in your selection.

Because, if you merely take in what others say, your chances of getting the wrong software is higher. Later, you may realize, “It’s not for me! I just wasted my money!”

And I don’t want it to happen to you. So…

My offer to you instead

… is an invitation, to have the desire to see for yourself. To really discover…

“The One” that will work in harmony with you… like “a loyal assistant to her master”...

A video production software that suits you well is like a loyal assistant to her master.Of course, the assistant could be a male. But this image is only here to personify the software. No sexism intended. Think of "Siri" or "Google Assistant". :-)

Honestly, I can’t tell you exactly which brand is right for you. Because I believe, you are the best person who can tell what’s best for you. You are the one who can feel, assess, and know it!

But I can help you in your search for her—your “assistant” :-)

Tips to discover the best video production software for you

I can give you some guidelines on what to look for, in a video production software.

My advice is, you download trial versions of software brands, you find interesting.

Be sure to check from their respective sites, if your computer meets the minimum system requirements, before downloading. (The software has to work, with your PC’s current hardware setup.)

Install and test each software, one at a time. Play with it for some time. Note your own experience and observations, using these guidelines.

There are things you need to watch out for, when using a video production software, for the first time. Think of them as traits you look for in someone, to see if the two of you will “get along” well. ;-)

Can you feel these traits, in the software you’re testing?


What is user-friendly software?

Simple, straightforward interface… Not complicated to use… Easy navigation. You can easily find the controls, when you want to perform certain tasks.

She doesn’t make your life unnecessarily difficult. She’s easy to be with.


An intuitive software, lets you easily immerse yourself in the project. She invites you to “be yourself”, in her presence.

It is because, she doesn’t play this game of, “I’m so precious. I have sooo many bells and whistles. And you’re out of my league!”… It doesn’t take so much effort to get to know her.

And so, you can work with her, and do your thing gracefully.

Functional enough

A very important quality. She’s not only friendly and accommodating…

She is reliable.

The production software has the essential features, powerful enough, to help you do your job.

For instance, you can have a wider view of your project and materials, so you see clearly where you’re heading. And you can work closely on the details, so you finish your presentation very well.

Reasonable price

It’s a WIN-WIN situation for you and the software.

She offers you value, by serving your needs. But, she esteems herself not too highly. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to have her. ;-)

She doesn’t try to rip you off!

Bottom line

Feel free to use these guidelines, in searching for your video production software—“The One” you’re most comfortable with, when creating your projects.

Remember… You are the best person to decide, what’s best for you. Not anyone else, including me.

So, good luck on your discovery! :-)

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