Video Production: What Drives You to Do It?

Me holding a camera stabilizer with a DSLR camera mounted on it. Picture of me by Richard Amores.

Yes video production is fun.

But why do you want to make videos—your “itch” for doing it?

You know, when I tried to answer that same question, I also felt a little stumped.

But here’s what I thought. And let’s see, if it rings true to you also

I’ve been inspired by movies, short films, documentaries, and other videos that I saw over the years.

And you and I know what it feels like, when we see a compelling film, or a great video...

  • It speaks to our hearts and minds.
  • It appeals to our souls and imaginations.

We’re fascinated. We’re touched.

And so, when I shoot and make my own videos—and by that I mean, videos about real people, real events, and real life—, I feel that I need to do the same:

Me shooting a bride who's holding wedding rings. Photo by Ting Cunanan.

To make…

  • Videos that, somehow, will communicate and connect with my “intended” viewers...

  • Videos that I’d be happy with, and that my “human” audience would love.

Expression in Video Production

Over the years of making videos, I saw a common theme that really fascinates me. And it’s not the equipment, or gear I use, that interests me the most...

It is expression. Or…


I noticed that when I plan, shoot, assemble, or edit my own videos, there's something in me, I'd like to reflect in my work, and convey to my viewers. However, it’s not by words only.

It’s more by non-verbal expression—using visuals and sounds. Influenced by…

  • The way I see the world… and my attitude toward my subjects,

  • My approach to creation… and the thought processes I go through,

  • The way I treat my audience… and the way I’d like my presentation to flow for them,

  • My reasons for owning gear… and my desire to make the most of it,

  • The way I pull my raw materials together… and my effort to make the “final cut” engaging and meaningful.

These nuggets of information... I hope to share with you.

But who am I that you should listen to me about these things, right?

The truth is… I am not a “guru”, a “master”, or a “teacher” of video production. And I will feel awkward if somebody calls me so! :l

I’m just your regular guy…

- who believes that, “Everyone has something good to share that may help others.” And

- who happens to be fascinated with creating videos, and learned—and continues to learn—things along the way, in my video production “journey”.

Practicality in Video Production

Like everyone else, I also love gear. I cannot make videos without it (obviously).

However, I need to remind myself that…

  • I only have limited resources (and time), and

  • I have to attend first to my family’s needs. Before I save and spend money on video equipment.

So, if there’s something latest—and if it looks cool—but it won’t…

  • serve my purposes, and

  • fit my limited budget,

… I have to end my interest in that gear.

Hey, I cannot afford to have it all! ;-)

So, on this website, I also invite you to sensibly think about...

Choosing and Owning Video Gear

Without spending a fortune.

Without putting yourself into deep debt, just to have the latest or coolest gizmos, that you may not need…

Well, except of course, if you’re buying them just to impress your friends. ;-)

But, as the old saying goes, (And I’ll put it this way within video production context)...

“Make videos to express. Not to impress.”

And that… my friend… is what drives me to do it.

So, how about you? Why do you want to make videos? What is your itch for doing it?

I hope that you'll find the articles on this website helpful. is the place for everyday people...

  • who sense that there's value in being able to communicate through videos, and
  • who want to learn about it, and make their own videos practicallydespite limited resources. does not sell any personal information.