Video Production Tips: On Expression and Connection

By Alvin Motilla

I offer you some basic video production tips concerning self-expression and viewer connection.

And as I talk to you, I hope to express myself and connect with you too. ;-)

Beautiful lady enjoying the video she's watching.

I learned these tips by looking at the nature of video production, which I only noticed after years of making videos.

When I say “nature”, I mean the answer you get when you ask yourself this question...

“When I make a video, what is it I need to notice, if I want to touch the hearts, and speak to the minds, of my audience?”

I believe this is important, if we want to make that kind of connection through videos that we make.

But, I guess, we overlook it. We find ourselves caught up in other things (like “fighting technology”, preoccupying ourselves with equipment and software).

We are more attracted to the "skin-deep" than to the "heart".

And we think we don’t have time to think about it.  But I think...

You’ll find value in taking the time to look at the nature of video production.

Because doing so will give you...

==> An outlook of what I call, “one-person video production” set-up, that many (especially beginners) find themselves in ...
==> Some video production tips with regard to engaging your "intended" audience ...
==> A few insights into the “roles” that are waiting for you to perform, so you can express yourself through your videos.

On that note, it’s time to consider the following video production tips...

See the "Big Picture”

The “big picture” of the nature of video production is that...

It is simply a form of communication between you and “her”.

“Her”?... Yes! Your intended viewer. Your target audience.

Every time you’re thinking of doing a video, always ask: “Who is it for? Who will watch it?”

A lady representing your intended viewers or target audience.

And when you know who she is, don’t lose sight of her!

Because she’s the one who matters most in all your efforts. And your video is just a communication channel... a way for you to connect with her.

Now, you may ask, “How about me?”

Well, you stand on a position where you feel excited to share something with her, something that merits her viewing experience.

Okay, let’s move closer and see how this kind of communication, between you and her, happens. It will give us some clues about, more video production tips, we're about to discuss.

Video Production Explained

This explanation applies to video production in general.

Most of all, it applies to, “one-person video production” set-up... where you are the person who is absolutely behind everything that goes into your work.

But, no need to worry. Keep in mind, though, that all you really want to do in your video is communicate with your target audience.

You put all your creative energies and production efforts into your video... until you feel that it will connect with her.

The truth is, there’s nothing fancy about video production—if, you don’t overlook the communication side of it.

See the basic elements in video production process. You may wonder why we don't seem to notice them.

Video Production Tips: Hints on Viewer Connection

Having this outlook on the nature of video production, we can draw some hints on how we could connect with our viewers.

Let them guide you whenever you want to produce your own engaging videos.

Do you think of other tips, or ways, of engaging the audience with videos? Feel free to share them here! :-)

1. Understand your audience.

Of all the video production tips I'm sharing with you now, I believe this is the most important.

Imagine for a second that you’re about to watch someone’s video...

What kind of viewing experience do you want? What do you want to feel as you watch the video from moment to moment?

That, my friend, is exactly the type of question you need ask when you consider your intended viewer... when you put yourself in her situation.

Because, just like you, she deserves a pleasurable and meaningful viewing experience.

2. Video content matters more than style.

Video content is the substance. The character. Video style is the external look. The appearance.

Content dictates the look of your video, not the other way around!

A "highly-stylized" video without good content (or story) barely engages the audience. But, a "modest, natural-looking" video with great content effectively connects with the audience.

3. Video presentation has to serve the viewer's needs.

Video presentation is how you communicate video content to your viewer. It is the flow, the sequence of ideas that you feel will make the most sense to her.

Your presentation will feel “just right” for her if you consider her emotional needs... or what she’s looking forward to see and experience in your video.

Free yourself from the restrictions of existing formula and conventions in video production. Focus instead on catering to the needs of your viewer, and your presentation will fall into place.

4. Video comes from viewer-oriented creative thinking.

Creative video... Creative thinking... We always hear it: “Be creative!”

But how do we make a creative video? And, more importantly... how does a creative video contribute to viewer satisfaction?

Woaah, those are hard questions to answer! :-)

In my experience...

... when I decide first on the single direction for all my efforts... and when I promise myself not to deviate from it, and keep that promise :-)... the possibility of making a video that my "intended" viewers will like, or enjoy, is almost always there.

Find out how your creativity can become viewer-oriented.

5. Professionalism extends outside your video.

Making your video look and feel professional is not the only way to connect with your audience.

Professionalism goes beyond your work. It also extends to your relationship with the audience. How is that possible?

In my case, for example, I always try to deal with my clients professionally, by producing the kind of videos they want, and by being a person who is easy to get along.

And, when they like my videos and the way I deal with them, sometimes, I get future projects from them. Or, they recommend me to their friends who also want the kind of services I give.

Video Production Tips: Your Roles for Self-Expression

In “one-person video production” setup, there are “built-in roles” that you need to recognize and perform.

A video creator in a one man video production setup.

They are “built-in” because you are the only person who has to perform them in this kind setup. ;-)

So, knowing them will give you a deeper sense of commitment to your functions... as well as tips for becoming a better communicator through video production.

1. You are a video producer.

It’s a no-brainer actually! A video producer is someone who, well, produces videos. ;-)

But, just like the producers in film industry who are concerned with marketing a film to a specific group of people,...

... a video producer is also concerned with making a video that is both relevant and valuable to the target audience.

To be a video producer is to become viewer-oriented.

2. You are a video auteur.

Okay, this may sound like a high concept to you, but it doesn’t. Really. “Auteur” is only a French word for “author”.

Now, you may be thinking that you can’t be a video auteur. But, I think otherwise... You can!

Because, a video auteur is simply someone who is willing to take responsibility for every decision s/he makes, and every action s/he takes, that goes into the substance of her/his work--the video content.

And s/he’s doing it because s/he wants to express her/his attitude and take on life... and share them with her/his viewers.

To be a video auteur is to become content-focused.

Learn why you can be a video auteur.

3. You are a videographer.

As a videographer, you are the equivalent of, "the director of photography", and, "the editor", in the film industry.

You are concerned with the overall look, or "packaging", of your final video.

To be a videographer is to become visually-oriented.

However, there are problems a videographer may be experiencing. And it is a good thing if you are aware of them.

Be aware of some reasons, why you may find it hard to make engaging, or worthwhile videos.

Video making tips for beginners

Learn these video creation tips and insights in the form 1-minute short videos...

Video Production Tips: Bottom Line

To sum up these basic video production tips, I say...

As video creators and enthusiasts, we need to be in touch with our own nature, our values, our thoughts, our feelings... so we can express (or communicate) ourselves in our videos.

And if we desire to touch our audience, we need to be aware of their thoughts, their feelings, and their circumstances, as well.

Videos are just vehicles of communication. In other words,...

You let your heart speak to your viewer’s heart as you express yourself in your video.

That is how you want to make the connection. That is how you want to communicate with your viewer.

So... how did I do?

Did I express myself and connect with you? ;-)

I hope you find value in the video production tips I shared with you. :-)


Have Your Own Tips for Engaging the Audience with Videos?

Do you think of other video production tips, or ways of connecting with audience, that I haven’t covered? Perhaps, ways of expressing ourselves via videos?

I'd love to hear from you! Share them here! :-)