Make YOUR Voice Heard on Film and Video Production

By Alvin Motilla shares my thoughts on film and video production based on my own experiences, studies, and observations.

And I believe, “everyday” people can make really engaging videos. Without spending so much. As long as they will pay close attention, to this crucial thing in making videos...

The process and experience of... Creating. Video. Content.

In my experience, the more I make videos, the more I realize...

What film and video production is about

It is about expressing your ideas and feelings, through video presentations that you make, for your human audience.

And so, I talk about things, which give me sense of clarity and foundation, to make my own videos. Stuff like...

However, I believe, everyone is unique...

Everyone has a voice

... and has something to say.

In fact, you are unique. You have a voice!

Whether you’re...

  • a video enthusiast,
  • a part-time shooter,
  • a video creator,
  • a cinephile,
  • a hobbyist,
  • or just fascinated by video, cinema, and the creation process...

You have something to say.

I invite you to make your voice heard, by expressing what's on your mind about these topics of interest. (You may choose only one, if you like. You don't have to talk about all of them. ;-) ):

Preparing Before Shooting

Video Gear

Shooting and Making Your Own Videos

Video Editing and “Putting the Pieces Together”

People Who Watch Our Works

Are there any topics you’d like to talk about, but are not in the list? (I bet there are!) Go ahead and talk about it.


Use the form below to enter your stories, insights, interests, experiences, or what have you.


Make YOUR Voice Heard on Film and Video Production!

I can't wait to read about your other interests, about this exciting subject that unites us. Thank you in advance for sharing.


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