A Production Assistant Wants to Learn Making Videos

by Jessica

It’s me, Jessica.

It’s me, Jessica.

I am a production assistant. I occasionally work with a team of event shooters. What I see from our video shoots makes me want to learn making videos.

The team I assist has video and photo shooters who cover weddings, birthdays, debut parties, corporate events. And even funerals, hehe. I see to it that their camera bags and equipment are safe that nobody steals it. I also give them food that I get from the event venue.

But as a production assistant (PA), I mainly give support to the videographer. I set up the portable lighting equipment, charge the camera batteries, and so on.

Sometimes, during an event, I see moments that I want to capture... if only I had a video camera. I see people’s emotions from other angles that the videographer and the photographers don’t notice. I’d like to film those interesting moments, and people’s reactions to what’s happening.

Sometimes, I even call the attention of the videographer I assist, so that he can capture those human emotions or reactions I happen to see. And he’s open and kind enough to listen to my suggestions, hehe.

So, I feel like I want to do what video shooters do as well. I want to learn how to shoot videos effectively.

Of all the events that we cover, I think weddings are the most challenging to shoot. We almost always go to three or four venues: the groom’s place, the bride’s place, the church or place of ceremony, and the celebration or reception area. We have so many angles to cover compared to a birthday celebration.

I also know a little about taking photographs. But, for me, the approach to video shooting is different because you capture motion and record sound.

Many are shooting videos these days, because many have mobile phones that can shoot high quality videos. But I think, it’s not just about hitting the record button.

Based from what I’ve seen from shooters I work with, there are techniques and point of views to consider when filming. You have a story to tell when you’re shooting videos.

But, as I have said, I need to have my own video camera, one that I can afford, hehe... so I can start practicing how to make my own videos. I need to learn first how to shoot well, before I learn to edit my own video presentations.

I’m still new to video production. I’m still nervous. But I guess through practice, I won’t be nervous anymore. I want to feel confident when shooting videos.

Sometimes, during video shoots, I still feel shy and a bit out-of-place, when I’m doing my work as a production assistant.

So if I’ll be doing paid video shoots, I want to be a second shooter first, shooting from angles other than what the main shooter is shooting from.

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Feb 03, 2015
Video Camera You Can Practice With
by: Alvin

Hi Jessica! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your story.

You said you need a video camera to practice with, and you think of being a second shooter for paid video shoots.

I haven't written about it yet (on this website), but you can opt to buy an inexpensive "entry level" DSLR with video mode. It produces professional looking videos, aside from stunning still photographs. You can use it both for practicing and for filming events.

And DSLRs with video mode are usually more affordable than handycam camcorders with professional capability.

Hope that helps. :-)

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