Video Auteur in You: “You are Original!

Yes, there's an auteur in you that says, “You’re a unique person." So, don’t let your self-doubt hinder your creativity.

You can make original videos. You can, can’t you?

Me recording some footage by the seashore. Photo of me by Ting Cunanan.

Hmm, I could almost see the blank stare on your face. Find it hard to answer my question? ;-)

Don’t worry, I understand. I feel that your self-doubt is telling you otherwise.

And that’s a problem. Because we tend to listen more to our doubts, than to look inside and find our strength.

I believe... you can find your courage... if you just listen to the voice of your video auteur.

What is auteur?

It is simply a French word for “author”.

An author is someone who creates something original.

And here’s the thing...

It is in you! It is the voice of your individuality.

  • Its eyes see the world in its unique way.
  • Its heart longs to express itself.
  • Its hands itch to share something worthwhile.

It has every bodily part that you can imagine... every part it uses to create unique things.

In your case... to create unique videos.

What is video auteur?

It is the creator of your unique video content.

Still, the same voice in you! We’re only zooming in on its passion for making videos.

It has its unique way of expressing... and translating your worldview into video.

It believes that you can make original videos. Because it knows that you are unique.

What is that you’re saying? :-)...

"Why am I unique?"

Okay, here’s what the auteur in you is saying...

By the way, are you not curious? Why I know what it's going to tell you?

It is because I also listen to my inner voice. And it tells me the same things you’re about to hear. :-)

The auteur in you believes you are good enough to make your own videos. :-)Picture of me by Elgene Bautista.

... “You have four big reasons why you are unique. And they also happen to be what I am made of.

You are unique because of your own...

  • experiences
  • memories
  • attitude
  • choices.

These four are very personal and unique to every human being. They make you a unique individual!”

Phew, that’s a profound one! ;-) Oh wait. It has more to say...

... “Your experiences... your memories... your attitude... your choices... They are the well of ideas inside you.

And they can help you make original videos.”

Your Experiences

Your experiences are unique. They are...

... What you did. What you learned. What you witnessed. What happened to you. And what you felt.

Your experiences also include your skills, your discoveries and your dealings with others.

Your Memories

Your memories are connected to your experiences... Why?

Because your memories are the impressions left on you by your experiences.

Your memory of a particular experience reminds you of how you felt about it.

That is why you have good and bad memories--your impressions about life that are unique in you.

Your Attitude

Your attitude is the deep-rooted feeling or conviction you have for anything in this life.

It shows in...

  • how you look at something
  • where you position yourself to view it
  • how you approach it.

Your attitude fuels your endeavor. It leaves your signature on your work.

Your Choices

Choice is your will to decide... in order to act.

Of all the four reasons why you are unique, the choices you make in life are the most powerful.

In fact, your power to choose, has authority over your experiences, memories and attitude.

You can choose to learn from your experiences... and even what to experience. You can choose to recall your good memories... and forget the bad. You can “choose your attitude”.

Bottom Line?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not unique. Not your self-doubt. Not anyone else.

Always listen to your good inner voice.
But, listening to it... and savoring what it says... are not enough.

Follow through by making careful choices... and taking decisive steps... to do your work--your video content.

Know the process you’ll go through, as you create your unique video, from idea to completion.