A Mom Is Making Videos To Archive Memories

by Bernadette M. Morales
(Muntinlupa City, Philippines)

(from left) My hubby Jethro, my son Noah, my daughter Faith, and Me

(from left) My hubby Jethro, my son Noah, my daughter Faith, and Me

I am making videos to preserve priceless memories about my family... memories that will always bring smile to my face and warmth to the whole family.

But before I continue, I have a confession to make...

It took me courage to write about my short story and share it on this site. I'm still not sure if it was proper for an ordinary person like me, to share my insights on video production. Because, honestly, I haven't done any video project before... I mean professionally.

I didn’t have the opportunity to get involved, in shooting videos about special events, or occasions.

I said so because my twenty four-hour job is being a housewife and mother of two energetic babies. My eldest child is three years old. And my youngest is one (at the time of writing this).

In spite of that, I’m glad that I can steal a few minutes from my busy day, to shoot videos about some great happenings around me. What gets me so excited to make videos is whenever I witness sweet moments from my favorite subjects:


I feel great excitement to shoot videos when:

- I see and hear them generously give their smiles, laughs, and giggles.
- They do something funny that turns out to be sooo cute.
- I see them play and bring out the best in them.

It also felt so good, that I was able to capture on video moments like when:

- I heard them utter their first words.
- I saw them trying to crawl for the first time.
- I saw them striving to stand and walk unsteadily.

When faced with such happenings, I grab “my tool” right away, to capture and store them in my “archive of memories”.

You may ask, “What camera do you use?” Or “What brand and model of camera do you have?” LOL!!! My “smartphone” comes in handy! I just need to touch the camera icon. And I immediately begin shooting videos.

You know, for a wife and mother like me, stress always comes in the way, as I accomplish my daily tasks. However, there is a special feeling of ease, when I see my babies' achievements and progress, as they grow. And I don't want to miss any single moment like that. Precious moments you could say!

At night, when my babies are sleeping, that's the time I am able to review moments that I captured on video. Although I have been repeatedly watching their videos, I still feel the same excitement when I first saw it. I don’t get tired of it...

I don't know if you can call me an enthusiast, or just someone who takes pleasure in shooting videos. Well for me, I'm doing it because it is my way of “archiving” great memories about my family, especially about my kids.

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Feb 26, 2015
Yes, It's Proper for You to Give Insights on Video Production
by: Alvin

Hi Bernadette! :-)

Your story as a mom who shoots videos sounds interesting! Just like you, I also feel that children are great subjects of videos.

You said you’re "not sure if it was proper for an ordinary person" like you to offer thoughts about making videos.

Bernadette, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting videos professionally, or just for fun. If anyone has "genuine" interest, or "real" experience, in doing something, I believe that person can offer insights... And you just did that! :-)

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